My first week at Krenova!

Gone are the days of hibernation, hiding by myself under a blanket in a dark and lonely apartment. I have finally found a place where I can interact with people and share my creative ideas among like minded souls on a daily basis! 💛


Krenova is a incubator for creative companies located in the north of Sweden. There's gardeners, game developers, writers and other creative people working in the same shared office space. They are founded by the European Regional Development Fund.

My first week have been both nerve wrecking and fun (as new things often are), I have spent most of the time setting up my workstation, figuring out how the dishwasher works, locating the toilets, setting up my calendar and talking to my new desk buddies. 

It is so nice to have an actual office to go to in the mornings and to have the luxury of meeting real people. Hurray! I’m not an hermit anymore!

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