Bastard Burgers

Bastard Burgers is a newly opened burger joint located in Luleå, North of Sweden. I was commissioned to create a bunch of cool illustrations for them! 🍔


I went up to Luleå last week to check out their newly opened shop and to taste some food! The space got a raw and industrial feeling to it and it's not super big but they do put al lot of love into their street food, my fav part was the dill pickled pickle. Please Bastards, can you start selling them in jars? I would buy them and eat them all day long! But then again, I actually didn't taste the meat being a vegetarian and all.

So if you happen to stop by Luleå be sure to check out the place and eat some tasty burgers! I'm pretty sure you will regret it if you don't try just one tiny little bite.

I was too distracted by the coolness of it all to snap any good images from the VIP party so I stole a few from Bastards instagram feed, you can view them if you scroll down (or visit their instagram):


Thank you for reading, my name is Stina Norgren. I am an interactive art director and illustrator from the north of Sweden. I enjoy drinking black coffee and watching videos of cute animals 🐼

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