My first year running my illustration studio!

When I first started one year ago I had no idea it would be so much fun and rewarding to run your own business! And yes, some times are tougher then others but it's really not a reason to stop, lay down and play dead 😵


I was mostly just worried about all of the things that could go wrong and I had been procrastinating my dream of starting my own thing just because of all the potential things that could happen even though they probably never would/will happen *knock on wood* I have great logic when it comes to worrying about things you see.

Anyways, looking back in retrospective I should have started my company years ago. My first year running my illustration studio has been super interesting. And I feel honoured to have been involved in so many fun projects!

In one year I've manage to decorate a public statue in Skellefteå thanks to KRUX, I've created a super cool pattern for the burger chain Bastard Burgers. I have had two interesting collaborations with Soja, where I got my illustrations animation and aired on TV.  I also took part of a collab with my friend Sanna at Carousel Tattoo, we created a super nice illustration for Västerbottenteatern and their play Darling Dorotea. I'm super thankful to all of the people I've worked with and meet during my first year. Thanks guys, you mean a lot to me even if you don't know it!

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I've also faced problems during 2016, things that I never could have imagined possible. It affected me as a person and I can honestly say that I hope I will never have to experience anything like it again. But I'm one hard experience richer if you want to look at it from a positive perspective. I'm really happy that my close friends have been super supportive, I don't know where or what I would be doing without you guys. Yes, you know who you are 💛

2017 is going to be amazing!

I have great plans for 2017, they are a bit crazy so I really hope things will work out well. So let's just roll up our sleeves and get to work shall we?

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Thank you for reading, my name is Stina Norgren. I am an interactive art director and illustrator from the north of Sweden. I enjoy drinking black coffee and watching videos of cute animals 

If you would like to discuss about your projects, don’t hesitate to contact me by sending an e-mail directly to