Bastard Burgers + Burgerdudes = true! My latest project is a fun one ✌️ 

I created four portraits for Bastard Burgers and Burgerdudes.se's up and coming burger collaboration in August.

The dudes are four guys who travel the world looking for the perfect burger. Their ever-expanding review archive holds 240+ reviews from more than 30 countries! 
- Now thats a lot of burgers...

I was a bit nervous that they wouldn't like the portraits. But according to the feedback I received I had no reson to worry! 😅 


"So freaking sick!
Tell Stina, she's awesome!"

- Burgerdudes.se



Thank you for reading, my name is Stina Norgren. 
I am an interactive art director and illustrator from the north of Sweden. I enjoy drinking black coffee and watching videos of cute animals 🐝  

If you would like to discuss about your projects, don’t hesitate to contact me by sending an e-mail directly to hello@illustre.se