Hello autumn!

I'm finally back home in Skellefteå. Looking forward to an autumn packed with fun new projects! 🍁

I spent a few weeks in France, camping in the rain, visiting old castles, swimming, running, talking to goats, sailing, eating way too much food and hanging out with family and friends. So it’s high time to get back to reality. Arriving in the north of Sweden is quite a contrast as the autumn has just started, the air is cold and the treetops have started to change colours. I really need to remember where my gloves are hiding.

And the art show I held at Society cafe in Skellefteå has come to an end. If you missed it you can read about it here on my blog. Or check out my colourful prints in my online shop »

I’m really happy to be home so I can create new things and work on my projects! My batteries are loaded!

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Thank you for reading, my name is Stina Norgren. 

I am an interactive art director and illustrator from the north of Sweden. I enjoy drinking black coffee and watching videos of cute animals 🐛  

If you would like to discuss about your projects, don’t hesitate to contact me by sending an e-mail directly to hello@illustre.se

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