The Studio

Nygatan 66
931 34 Skellefteå

I have weird opening hours so please book an appointment if you would like to meet! 
- I will get back to you asap!

Let's be friends!


Hard work
& good fika

My studio is located in an old house called Gula Villan in the heart of Skellefteå [she-left-you] (a small town in the north of Sweden). Gula villan will be restored within the near future, so for now it's where I'll play creative and work until the renovation begins.

My studio is a place where I spend my time illustrating, designing, hosting meetings, hanging out with friends, enjoying fika, showcasing my projects and selling colorful posters! All in all it's sort of like a creative office space. It's all about hard work and good fika!

Just drop by if you are feeling curious!